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Classic Icontest

Classic Movie Icon Challenges

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classic movie icons
Welcome to Classic Icontest!

This is a challenge community for classic movie icons. Every Sunday night, a theme and a star for the week will be posted, and members will have until Friday night to post their icons. The entries will then be voted on over the weekend. We also have a monthly wallpaper challenge.

| Community Guidelines |

1. Unless otherwise stated in the rules for an individual challenge, all icons/wallpapers must be related to classic films (or the stars, directors, or other people involved in their production). For our purposes, our definition of classic is "made before 1970". This means that anything having to do with films or actors prior to 1970 is accepted. However, images of any film or actor from 1970 or later will be disqualified.

2. Icons and wallpapers submitted must be new (i.e. never previously posted elsewhere). Icons must meet LiveJournal uploading requirements: they must be PNG, GIF, or JPG files that are under 40k in size.

3. You may submit more than one icon made from the same image. However, the icons must at least be cropped differently, and must look reasonably different from each other.

4. Please keep the content of icons G-rated. This is a community for all ages.

5. Icons should be submitted in a reply to the challenge post in this format:

http:/ /imagehost.com/myimageurl
Optional details, such as film/actor name

6. When voting, you may not vote for your own icons, or ask other people to vote for you.

7. If you want to use an icon posted by someone else, you must wait until after the voting to ask for the creator's permission, and abide by any icon-sharing rules they specify. (Entries posted to challenge threads are unscreened after the challenge ends.) Also, please do not begin to use an icon until after the end of the challenge in which it is entered. Most importantly, do not hotlink to other people's images!

8. It goes without saying: keep the peace around here. If you have any problems with another member, take it elsewhere, or discuss it with the moderator if you must. Troublemakers will be suspended or removed from the group.

That's all there is to it. If you have any questions or issues, please address them to jordannamorgan, your friendly neighborhood moderator and overanalytical filmgeek.

| Challenge Categories |

Icon challenges will be varied (and suggestions are always welcome). However, there will be some recurring types, as listed below.

* Letter challenge: A letter from the alphabet will be given, and you may make an icon featuring a film, actor, or character whose name begins with that letter.

* Release year challenge: A specific year will be given, and you may make an icon from any film that was released during that year.

* Color challenge: A general color will be named (e.g. red, blue, etc.), and your icon must be at least mostly that color. Beyond that, you can do anything you like with it.

* Seasonal challenge: Naturally, we will have prompts for holidays and other noteworthy occasions.

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